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Popin' Cookin' Halal & Gelatin IssueUpdate March 19, 2016: Hi, this list is very outdated. I will try to update the list soon so keep checking back for new updates!

In this post, I’m going to talk about the most asked topics of all – Halal & Gelatin Issue.

For my complete Halal issue post, please refer to this post – Is Popin’ Cookin’ Halal?

I get a lot of questions from muslim customers about the halal status of popin’ cookin’ products and gelatin.

To summarize everything, majority of products from Japan DO NOT have halal certification so no, they are not halal. If you are the kind that takes that seriously, then stay away from popin’ cookin’ products. However, if you don’t mind the halal status, there’s another question that I get asked about alot:

“Which Popin’ Cookin’ products contain GELATIN?”

Some muslim do not mind the halal certification, but they do mind its ingredient called gelatin. Gelatin is made of pork. So for muslims and vegetarians, this is something you need to avoid. But which products contain gelatin? In this post, I will list out which products that contain gelatin and meat related products and which don’t. Please bookmark this post so you can come back for updated list. I will update this list from time to time.

Disclaimer: The point of this post is for your easy and quick reference. This is based on my knowledge only – I can’t be sure if there are other ingredients in the products that contain alcohol, or meat related or guarantee that those without gelatin are free of any other non-halal ingredients. Buy at your own risk.


List Updated: April 26th, 2013


  • Popin’ Cookin’ Bento ポッピンクッキン つくろう!おべんとう! – No Gelatin
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Sushi ポッピンクッキン たのしいおすしやさん – Contains Gelatin
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Gummy Painting ポッピンクッキン おえかきグミランド – No Gelatin
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Curry Set ポッピンクッキン カレーセット – Contains Pork & Chicken
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Nerikyan Land ポッピンクッキン ねりきゃんランド – Contains Gelatin
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Cake Shop ポッピンクッキン たのしいケーキやさん – No Gelatin
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Waffle Cafe ポッピンクッキン ワッフルカフェ – No Gelatin
  • Happy Kitchen Donuts ハッピーキッチン ドーナツ – No Gelatin
  • Happy Kitchen Soft Cookie ハッピーキッチン ソフトクッキー – No Gelatin
  • Happy Kitchen Hamburger ハッピーキッチン ハンバーガー – Contains Pork & Chicken
  • Happy Kitchen Cake Decoration ハッピーキッチン デコレーションケーキ – Contains Gelatin 
  • NeruNeruNeruNe Grape ねるねるねるね (ブドウ味) – No Gelatin
  • NeruNeruNeruNe Soda ねるねるねるね( ソーダ味) – No Gelatin
  • NeruNeruNeruNe Peach ねるねるねるね (ソーダ味) – No Gelatin
  • NazoNazoNeruNeru Mystery Neru なぞなぞねるねる – No Gelatin
  • Gummy Tree Gumi no Mi Grape なるなるグミの実(グレープ味)- No Gelatin
  • Gummy Tree Gumi no Mi Soda なるなるグミの実(ソーダ味)- No Gelatin
  • Decotte Candy デコってキャンディ – Contains Gelatin
  • Oekaki Pandayaki Cake Kit おえかきパンダやき – No Gelatin
  • DIY Dinosaur Gummy 恐竜グミ図鑑 – No Gelatin
  • DIY Insect Gummy 昆虫グミ図鑑(カブトムシ・クワガタ編)- No Gelatin
  • Marumete Pandango まるめてパンダんご – No Gelatin
  • Gumi Tsureta Grape グミつれた グレープ味 – No Gelatin
  • Gumi Tsureta Soda グミつれた ソーダ味 – No Gelatin
  • Majo Majo Neru Neru まじょまじょねるねる – No Gelatin
  • Dodotto Tsubu Pyon! Octopus Candy Grape & Soda どどっとつぶぴょん – No Gelatin
  • Choco Nerii Choco & Strawberry チョコネリィ  – No Gelatin


  • Wata DE Purin?! DIY Pudding Kit わたDEぷりん!? – No Gelatin
  • Watapachi with Pop Rocks Grape & Melon Soda わたパチ – No Gelatin
  • Painting Sherbet Grape おえかきシャーベットグレープ – No Gelatin


  • Hora Dekita! Chocolate Banana Candy ほらできたチョコバナナソフトキャンディ- Contains Gelatin
  • Fushigi na MizuAme Sticky Syrup Candy ふしぎな水あめ – No Gelatin


  • Soft Nericcho Strawberry & Cider ねりっちょソフト – No Gelatin

Misc Candy

  • Neri Ame – No Gelatin

**Any products not listed here are either very new, just released or no longer being manufactured by the company. For new products, please check back for updated list.

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  71 Responses to “Which Popin’ Cookin’ Do Not Have Gelatin?”

  1. Thanks so much!!! This helped me a lot thanks!

  2. Kak mezu ame halal tau,Kak bila saya nak tunggu saya lama dh tunggu

  3. Thx !! Deconeko your the best ^_^ xD

  4. akak brape nerunerunerune grape .. post free ke

  5. Thankz so much for telling me about this 🙂 it really helped 🙂

  6. how to buy it?

  7. Does all of them have an alcohol?

  8. How about the oekaki gummy land kit ?

  9. hi akak saya nk tahu harga Happy kitchen donuts berapa ??
    dan nerunerunerune grape berapa harga nya ?? tolong reply

  10. Thank you! ☺ But I can’t find the Meiji pizza kit, is it also halal

  11. Okay thank you , I was about to buy it!

  12. Hi! Is the pudding one halal?? I can’t find it on the list. It’s not the wata de purin. Plz help.

  13. This shop is s good beacause it saind halal or not. I love this popin cookin so much. Than you for all your help.

  14. How about the alchohol does it contains with alchohol ? Pls answer i want to buy it

    • Hi, alcohol is not listed in the ingredients but I can’t be sure if there is alcohol as part of any ingredients like flavoring. Even kracie don’t know :\

  15. Hi, thanks for posting this it was really helpful!
    But i was just wondering, do they have alcohol in them? if so could you please tell me which ones are alcohol-free?

    • Hi, alcohol is not listed in the ingredients but I can’t be sure if there is alcohol as part of any ingredients like flavoring. Even kracie don’t know :\

  16. Hi, can you tell me if any kracie kits are vegan? No gelatin, egg, milk, etc. I think maybe the gummy dino and insects?

    • There are some that are vegan, however, majority contains egg, milk or I’m assuming processed in the same place with those ingredients, so I dare not say it’s completely vegan.

      • Could you list the ones with vegan ingredients? (It’s okay if they are processed in the same place as nonvegan ones)

  17. Hi, Thank you so much! I have a question though – sometimes gelatin is made out of fish, not only pork. When you said it has no gelatin, does it mean no pork gelatin or no gelatin in general?

  18. hi that neruneru neru soda is halal right no such as pork or acohol

  19. Are popin cookin have alcohol? Like the no geletin part?

  20. super eske dans tout y a l’alcol svp parceque je veut savoir si c’est halal

  21. Hello. Can I know whether Kracie Choco Nerii has alcohol in it? Please reply.

    • Hi, nobody knows for sure, but alcohol is not listed in the ingredients. No candy have alcohol in the ingredients list, but nobody knows if part of the ingredients or chemical have alcohol during the process.

  22. Memangnya popin cookin halal itukan asli jepang g takut ada apa apanya

  23. is the new Kracie Takoyaki kit halal

  24. Thanks for the list, but can you mail me a list of items which are gelatin, egg , meat, pork and non vegetarion free? And if there is a one which does not contain eggs and gelatin, I will buy it from you. Please it is a request please mail me.

  25. ooo begitu yah thanks ya deco neco 🙂

  26. Hey is the sakusaku panda kit and oekaki stick chocolate, shin-chan but pudding halal?

  27. thanks so much since i am a vegiterian it really helped knowing that the hamburger set contained real meat 🙂

  28. Thank to0o0o0o much it’s so helpful.. but I wish u will do another one for the candy’s and snacks from Japan that don’t have any gelatin and alcohol because that’s will be very helpful for Muslims.. but thanks any way

  29. How about popin cookin ice cream? … but thanks so far.

  30. And popin cookin ice cream? Any gelatine?

  31. I just realized it’s cake shop… THANKS!!!

  32. hi deconeko! saya kurang faham lah tentang no gelatin and contain gelatin..btw,kalau kracie choco cornet tu halal kan? boleh mkn ke?

  33. Hi ! I bought the popin cooking cake decoration before I saw this and can you please tell me which is the gelatin? Thank you

  34. Oh and can you tell me which powder is the gelatin ? These were 9$ in my country and I don’t want to waste them. I’m vegetarian
    Thank you please answer

  35. Is it the jelly ? Frosting ? Or what ? Please answeR

  36. does the flavouring come from plants or animal?

  37. Does Downtown East have all 4 Nerunerunerune ?

  38. HI is the pizza kit veg? And the cake decoration one? Oh and the dounut one? Im a veg so i dont wanna take the risk. Thanks in advance

  39. a want to ask you where can we found re ment online in malaysia

  40. 🙂

  41. Does the pizza set contains pork or gelatin

  42. Is the ice cream kit halal ?

  43. Hi I really want to buy poppin cookin but idk if it has gelatin I can eat beef gelatin but not pork Plz help

  44. Can u also mention which popin cooking kits contains alcohol and which do not
    Will be very kind of u if u reply a little fast

  45. I am so happy, this website helped,thank you:)

  46. good greetings everybody a girl has just gave me Kracie popin cookin I want to know if this is sutaible for vegetarians but this website is not working thank you.

  47. I’m so glad that there is a website that tells you the gelatin popin cookin and the non gelatin popin cookin. For the ice cream cake shop popin cookin, is there gelatin in that? Thank you!

  48. I want to buy because i like it.

  49. Hi I’m gonna buy donuts

  50. Thx so much I don’t eat pork or anything like that !!!!!!!!
    I love nerunerunerune but I am afraid to eat it THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NekoDeko you are the BEST

  51. I LOVE YOU but I want a fast reply for this question : what is the candy that have alcohol ?
    Please fast fast fast fast
    And THX

  52. is that deco neko had a shop in Ipoh,Perak? can you give the address if deco neko shop had in Ipoh,:Perak

  53. i want the answer fast!!!!

  54. Does Poppin Cookin Neri Candy Land halal?pls reply☺

  55. but, i’m not sure that Kracie – Neruneru Candy (Strawberry Cake Flavor) is halal? can you answer that?

  56. this helped a lot thanks for that! do you know if “TONOSAMA CANDY” products have gelatin?

  57. how much the squishy prize?
    i want to buy it. is it have a cheap squishy.


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