Jan 262017


Did you miss us? After we’ve been on a break for 2 years, we are back in business and have new Popin’ Cookin’ Malaysia stock for you!

popin' cookin' malaysia

All DIY candies are available now in the store but Popin’ Cookin’ Malaysia  stock is LIMITED so buy your candy now before they’re sold out!

Here are the list of Popin’ Cookin’ Malaysia candy we have right now:

You can order them from our official DecoNeko website: www.deconeko.com

Or from Shopee! Yes, we are on Shopee now! : shopee.com.my/deconeko

And another good news is that this week, all candies are on sale with 5% off! So, what are you waiting for?



You can check for current stock or order some candy at the main store – www.deconeko.com
We are also on SHOPEE! – shopee.com.my/deconeko

Or you can LIKE us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/DecoNeko
Subscribe to us on Youtube – DecoNekoLove

Follow us on Instagram – @deconeko_my

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