Oct 112012

This is actually an overdue post.
Finally new items for the store arrived last Tuesday!
It was shipped from Japan on Friday and reached Malaysia’s KLIA  the next day on Saturday (Oct 6th) but it was detained by custom, as usual. It was finally released on Tuesday morning.

New Stock from Kracie - Popin' Cookin', Happy Kitchen, Marumete Pandango, Gumi no Mi gummy tree, Nazo Nazo Neru Neru Nerunerunerune

So here are the new products in my store:

1. Kracie Gumi no Mi Soda / Gummy Tree Kit Soda / なるなるグミの実(ソーダ味)

DecoNeko Kracie Gumi no Mi Soda / Gummy Tree Kit / なるなるグミの実(ソーダ味)

2. Kracie Gumi no Mi Grape/ Gummy Tree Kit Grape / なるなるグミの実(グレープ味

2. DecoNeko Kracie Gumi no Mi Grape/ Gummy Tree Kit Grape / なるなるグミの実(グレープ味)

3. Kracie NazoNazoNeruNeru Sticky Candy Banana Melon Flavor / なぞなぞねるねる

Kracie Nazo Nazo Neru Neru Banana Shake & Melon Soda + ??? Flavor / なぞなぞねるねる

4. Kracie Marumete Pandango / まるめてパンダんご

Kracie Marumete Pandango / まるめてパンダんご

5. Kracie Happy Kitchen Cake Decoration / ハッピーキッチン デコレーションケーキ

Kracie Happy Kitchen Cake Decoration / ハッピーキッチン デコレーションケーキ

So those are the 5 new items in my store that arrived couple of days ago.

In addition to that, I also added one new item about couple of weeks ago.

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Nerikyan Land / ポッピンクッキン ねりきゃんランド

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Nerikyan Land / ポッピンクッキン ねりきゃんランド

Also, on another update, unfortunately our Popin’ Cookin’ Sushi set, Happy Kitchen Donuts set & Kutsuwa DIY Eraser Making Kit (Sushi) are temporarily sold out! Thank you to my amazing customers who bought from DecoNeko.
I’m not sure when they will be restocked though. We’ll see 🙂

Well that’s all the updates for today. I’ll try to update more soon!

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Sep 202012

Kracie Furitama Gummi Ball / クラシエ フリ玉グミKracie Furitama Gummi Ball / クラシエ フリ玉グミ


The fun Furitama Gummi Ball (クラシエ フリ玉グミ! )

It’s a fun DIY candy by Kracie that you can mix water and powder inside a container given and shake it hard until it forms into a gummy ball. Then you mix another packet of powder into the water and watch the water fizzes and foams. Then you can dip your gummy ball into the foamy thing.

Too bad this product has been discontinued by Kracie.

I have possibly one of the last stocks currently existed in the world haha. All around have stopped selling this. I am going to make the Furitama Gummi Ball and will post a review of it here.

You can buy them from our store! Very limited stock. I’m only going to be selling it until mid October (while stock lasts). It comes in two flavors – grape & soda.

While waiting for my review, here are some videos of people making Furitama Gummi Ball.

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By nicepuppy123

By marimomarshmallow

Sep 182012

Is Popin’ Cookin’ halal?

Is Popin' Cookin' Halal?As a seller for Popin’ Cookin’, I get this question a lot from fellow Muslims. I, myself, kept asking the same question before this. I have done  a lot of research online trying to find out the ‘halal’ status of Popin’ Cookin’ products and other DIY candy products.

As you know, Japan do not have Halal certification for their products. Popin’ Cookin’ do not have halal certification. The ‘halal’ status is still a blur.

By ‘halal‘ here I mean it does not contain meat related ingredients and alcohol.

During my first contact with Kracie, they told me some products contain ‘gelatin‘ which is made from animal (namely pig) however they do not contain alcohol. Here is the email sent by Kracie representative to me:

Dear Sir
Thank you for your e-mail.
We inform you about halal about Popin Cookin and Happy Kitchen series.

Only two products are not halal by using gelatin from animals.
“Cup cake as Happy Kitchen” and “Nerikyan Land as Popin Cookin”contains gelatin from animals(beef and pork).
Other our DIY candies don’t use any animal and alcohol materials.

With my best regards,
Susumu Makino
Kracie Foods,LTD
TEL03-5446-3680 FAX03-5446-3684

So basically it means as long as the products do not contain gelatin, it is safe to eat  for those who are not really particular about having a certified halal status on the product. I am fine with products that has no gelatin and alcohol.


During my second email to them, they’ve changed their statement. Here is the 2nd email from the same person stating that their products which could also include their DIY candies *might* contain alcohol.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your e-mail.

Almost our products contains alcohol as flavor.
Our products are not received recognition as halal formally.

Your understanding is highly appreciated.
With my best regards,
Susumu Makino
TEL03-5446-3680 FAX03-5446-3684

Almost *all* products yet they did not specify what does not contain alcohol. So what do you think? Well it’s up to you to decide for yourself whether you want to accept the first email or the second email. Personally I cannot trust both emails due to the fact that Kracie people don’t understand the exact meaning of halal haram, and also they don’t speak English well. So it’s up to you.

If you feel you don’t want to risk it, then your best bet is to just stay away. But if you feel that you believe the 1st email is acceptable, go and visit our store! 🙂

PS: All our products will list out which has gelatin, and meat related ingredients.


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Sep 102012


Welcome to DecoNeko’s online store and blog. This is officially my first post!

The site is *almost* done but there are some tweaking that I need to do here and there. The store is set up and you can now order LoL Popin’ Cookin’ or Kutsuwa directly from this website or through facebook –

I’m hoping that soon I can open the business internationally, not just Malaysia. Yes, hopefully soon!

Well, enjoy the blog and gotta continue fixing the site. Still a lot more to do!

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