Sep 202012

Kracie Furitama Gummi Ball / クラシエ フリ玉グミKracie Furitama Gummi Ball / クラシエ フリ玉グミ


The fun Furitama Gummi Ball (クラシエ フリ玉グミ! )

It’s a fun DIY candy by Kracie that you can mix water and powder inside a container given and shake it hard until it forms into a gummy ball. Then you mix another packet of powder into the water and watch the water fizzes and foams. Then you can dip your gummy ball into the foamy thing.

Too bad this product has been discontinued by Kracie.

I have possibly one of the last stocks currently existed in the world haha. All around have stopped selling this. I am going to make the Furitama Gummi Ball and will post a review of it here.

You can buy them from our store! Very limited stock. I’m only going to be selling it until mid October (while stock lasts). It comes in two flavors – grape & soda.

While waiting for my review, here are some videos of people making Furitama Gummi Ball.

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