Jan 262017


Did you miss us? After we’ve been on a break for 2 years, we are back in business and have new Popin’ Cookin’ Malaysia stock for you!

popin' cookin' malaysia

All DIY candies are available now in the store but Popin’ Cookin’ Malaysia  stock is LIMITED so buy your candy now before they’re sold out!

Here are the list of Popin’ Cookin’ Malaysia candy we have right now: Continue reading »

Dec 122014

Wow, look at how long I haven’t updated the website!

DecoNeko was on a long hiatus beginning of the year. I needed a break and was working on different project. But a couple of months ago, DecoNeko came back and restocked new products but currently majority of the DIY candy are sold out already, oops.

Thank you for your support!

Some of you asked when we’re going to restock new products like Popin’ Cookin’. Please do understand that I order my stock directly from my Japan supplier. Since now it’s holiday season, a lot of people will be buying gifts for Christmas so post office and shops will be super busy. I don’t want the stock to be delayed because of that so I’ll probably order new stock after new year, we’ll see!

I’m thinking to open pre-order for kutsuwa as well. Anybody interested to pre-order?

Another thing is that my main computer where I use to do my work is broken so unfortunately that has been slowing things down. That’s why I still haven’t put up squishy in the website yet 🙁 Gomen nasai~! I plan to get the squishy up this weekend so hopefully everything can be up by Sunday!

DecoNeko Malaysia Squishy

These are slightly defected squishy. They’re not really that badly defected but there are minor discoloration, stain and hard texture. We will be selling them slightly cheaper. If you’re interested in defected squishy, they will be up in the website soon!

I’m going to start updating this blog more often.


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